Underground = Safety

Experts agree the safest place to seek safety during a severe storm or tornado is underground. However, for many homeowners there was not an affordable or practical way to get their family to safety – until now! See the National Weather Service website. 

Why Tornado Guard?

  • The patented Tornado Guard is an integrated, one-piece storm shelter designed to be placed within the homes slab foundation, providing an easily accessible, clean, "safety zone" below ground as is recommended by weather emergency experts.  Even if you have an existing home, the Tornado Guard can be installed under a covered patio or inside a storage building!
  • Due to its unique design, the Tornado Guard can be installed where lot size, soil conditions and accessibility restrictions make other storm shelter installations impossible.
  • Unlike similar products made of concrete, the Tornado Guard is made of durable fiberglass, providing a cleaner, dryer and more comfortable storm shelter.  Six to eight people can relax in the safety and security only a Tornado Guard can provide.


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