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"Our shelter is installed and complete.  Our young kids keep asking each night if we are having a tornado because they want to get in the Tornado Guard!  Thanks for a fine product." – Texas

What Makes the Tornado Guard Better than Other Storm Shelters?

Our unique patented design allows for installation within a homes foundation, under a patio or storage building, inside a basement, or beneath a manufactured home.

• Low Installation Costs
• Easy To Use
• Radios and Cell Phones Operable within Shelter
• Water Resistant
• Durable Fiberglass Construction
• Mold and Mildew Resistant
• Shelter Will Not Rust
• Easy-To-Clean Surface
• Slip Resistant Step
• Optional Guard-Alert™ System
• Limited Warranty


The Guard-Alert System Provides the Ultimate in Comfort and Safety

For your comfort and safety, the optional Guard-Alert System features:

  • Panic Button – A tie-in to your current alarm system. When depressed, this button will notify the authorities.

  • Power Ventilation Fan – This battery-powered fan will provide a constant source of fresh air to occupants.

  • Emergency Siren – Battery-powered, this siren will produce noise outside of the home, alerting people to your location.
For added convenience, the Guard-Alert System also includes two electrical outlets, cable television hookup, and a telephone jack.  The Guard-Alert System is $295 (MO residents subject to tax) plus installation.  Shipping is free when purchased with Tornado Guard and $25 dollars shipping and handling when purchased separately.

"The installation is now complete.  There were no problems during any of the phases.  I think the digging was the hardest work of all.  Of course I am an old retired person.  If you get any inquires in this area and someone would like to actually see a unit in place you may give them my name and I will be glad to show it to them.  My wife can now have peace of mind that she has a shelter, should the need ever arise.  Oh, incidentally, I did put conduit in the shelter and have a light and electric outlet.  My son is handy with that sort of thing. My wife said it could even be used as a doghouse should I not tow the mark!!!" – Kansas

"Just wanted to let you know that our Tornado Guard is installed in our garage and ready for use.  We hope that we will never have to use it, but our feeling of security is wonderful (to know it is there if we need it).  We have been down in it several times and it is very comfortable and light.  Thank you so much for contributing to our peace of mind." – Illinois

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Tornado Guard Pricing

Standard Storm Shelter

Engineered for easy installation, the Tornado Guard can be installed for a fraction of the cost of other storm shelters. Since the Tornado Guard is only 48 inches high, major dirt excavation is not required. So lightweight, four people can easily lift the Tornado Guard into its proper position.

Tornado Guard's Storm Shelter

Though the Tornado Guard is manufactured from the highest quality materials, we continue to keep the price affordable, so every homeowner can enjoy "peace of
."  Additionally, the cost of the Tornado Guard and its installation can be built into your homes mortgage, or for existing homes, can be rolled over into a Home Equity Loan or 2nd Mortgage.  The Tornado Guard costs pennies per day.  Tornado Guard has a list price of: $3,195

Our Factory Direct Price is $2,795

 Ordering Information

Tornado Guard 6-Footer Storm Shelter

Tornado Guard's 6 Foot Storm Shelter

• Designed after the "Original, Best Selling" Tornado Guard
• Low Installation Costs
• Easy-To-Use (6 feet from hatch to floor)
• Radios and Cell Phones Operable within Shelter1
• Water Resistant
• Durable Fiberglass Construction
• Mold and Mildew Resistant
• Shelter Will Not Rust
• Easy To Clean Surface
• Small ladder w/Slip Resistant Step
• Optional Guard-Alert™ System
• Limited Warranty

The 6 Foot Tornado Guard has a list price of: $3,995*

Our Factory Direct Price  is $3,595*

Ordering Information

Return policy:  In the unlikely event you need to return your shelter, only shelters that have not been modified for custom vent locations either by Tornado Guard or anyone else, may be returned within 5 working days of product receipt.  A 20% restocking charge will apply to all returns.  In addition, all freight expenses to and from the Tornado Guard factory and the shipping destination will be the responsibility of the customer.  Customers must call Tornado Guard for a Return Authorization Number before returning any items.  No returns will be accepted without a Return Authorization Number.

* MO residents subject to tax.  Price does not include freight or
   installation.  Contact Tornado Guard for installation quotes in
   central Missouri.  Local trades or distributors can quote
   installed prices.
1 We advise you to check your signal prior to an emergency.

MYTH: Areas near rivers, lakes, and mountains are safe from tornadoes.

FACT: No place is safe from tornadoes. In the late 1980's, a tornado swept through Yellowstone National Park leaving a path of destruction up and down a 10,000 ft. mountain.  Read More @ the Learning Center »

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