Has Tornado Guard been tested?

Yes, Tornado Guard has been hydrostatically tested.

How much do storm and tornado shelters like Tornado Guard cost?

Concrete storm shelters and septic tanks are less expensive, generally in the $800-$1300 range. The down sides are that they are musty, dark, can potentially leak, and can develop mold. Shelters generally range from $2000-$5000, depending on size and material.

I’m interested in purchasing Tornado Guard’s storm shelter – how do I get started and what are the steps?

Click on the Buy Now section or give us a call! When placing your order, a $600 deposit is all that is required (remaining balance is due upon shipping). Tornado Guard will ship straight to your door and you will receive a tracking number by email in order to track your storm shelter’s shipping progress.

How do I install the storm shelter, or do I need a contractor?

If you have some construction knowledge, you can be your own contractor.  Some folks are more comfortable hiring someone with contractor experience, or they prefer to hire a contractor to do the installation. We are available by phone if you or your contractor have questions.

Where are you located and do you offer shipping?

We are located in Austin, TX and we offer shipping to your door.

How long does the typical install take?

The typical storm shelter installation can be completed in 1-2 days.

How is Tornado Guard installed? Please explain.

 A hole (7’x7’) is dug and in depth, should accommodate your shelter model. Place compactible fill or sand in the bottom of the hole. Be sure the distance from the bottom of the hole, to the top of what will become you’re finished floor is appropriate, given the model you’re installing. Once the shelter is set in place, add more fill to all surrounding areas, up to the top of the shelter. Prior to the concrete pour, we recommend that you shovel out an 8” wide by 1 foot deep trench around the top of the shelter to simulate a concrete ‘cap’ when poured.  Once concrete cures, place the door/hatch in the opening, and secure with Tapcon concrete screws in the pre-drilled holes. All installation instructions are included in your owners manual.

What materials are used when manufacturing a storm shelter from Tornado Guard?

The shelter is manufactured by applying fiberglass and resin to predetermined designs. The hatch is fabricated with a steel frame, ribs and plate steel for protection. Tornado Guard storm shelters have a unique design that includes a fiberglass cover to keep out debris and a hatch that can open up and can be lowered down into the shelter by removing 4 wing nuts.

Will Tornado Guard protect my family from other storm conditions such as lightning?

The Tornado Guard is non-conductive fiberglass. While in the shelter, you will not be affected by a conductive charge. The door is steel and by instruction in the Owner’s Manual, you should not be sitting under the steel door.

Do cell phones work in tornado and storm shelters?

In most cases, cell phones will work. We advise you to check out your cell signal prior to an emergency. 

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